Available Built-in Application on the ALLPlay Platform

Gaming Arcade

From ready-to-run to customizable, our game catalog is available to entertain players

Game Categories

Sports, Classic Games, Casino & Card Games, Racing, Reflexes, Puzzles, Multiplayer, Obstacle Racing, Shooters, Match Games & Educational

Brandable Games

Add logos and themes to customize a game to match your brand or experience. Customizations available for complete games or just game components

Multiplayer Games

From airhockey to checkers, we have games for multiple people at a time


The ALLPlay Arcade can be integrated with existing external games for seamless experience


Deliver announcement to the property owner prior to opening the device to the public

Restaurant & Bar Specials

Give bar owners the schoop on distributor specials at the start of the day.

Industry News

Keep doctor offices up to date with news blasts every morning before the practive opens.

Group Communication

Alert staff to important overnight information setting the agenda for the day


Announcer is available as a desktop application for access on all business devices.

Flip Menu

Turn your existing paper menu into an interactive flip menu

Simple Conversion

Create pdf or image of your existing menu and upload it into the system. We do the rest.

Easy transistion

Add a little digital flourish to your restaurant without having to fully invest in tableside ordering


Connect online and social casinos with slot locations on the casino floor.


Map to floor

When a player accesses a game that exists on the casino floor, a companion window opens showing the player the location of the slot game.



Players can be offered game play bonuses and credits to encourage them to play on the real slot machine.