Understanding the ALLPlay Client

Starting with a blank Canvas

Every ALLPlay device starts with a blank window. 

Application Starting Point

This blank canvas can be given a web address to load at startup. When the device turns on, this is the first application that is shown to the user. 

Adding Choices

If more than one application will be available to the user, z toolbar can be added to the window. Buttons can then be added to the toolbar to allow the users to go between the different applications. The best part is that the different applications don't have to be reprogrammed


Toolbars can be located on the top, bottom, left or right edge of the window, Additional features such as volume control can be added to the toolbar.

Dedicated Ad Panel

Adding advertising to any application is as simple as activating the dedicated ad panel. The ad panel size is customizable. Ads can be display-only or interactive. Interactive ads that open additional content can be programmed for overlay or push windows. 

Push Windows for Companion Content

Additonal content can open in Push Windows. These windows (in purple above) squeeze existing content to make room. Perfect for drink menus, registration forms, or game scores, these quick access windows can opened and closed as needed. Windows can be located left, right, top or bottom.

Adding Multiple Windows

Add up to 4 windows for mulitplayer interaction. Windows can be arranged in a square, 4 sides, head to head or side by side. Add a TableControl toolbar to give players the option to change the window layout on their own.

Watch the client in action

In this demo, we see a the ALLPlay in a sample application. The user uses the main application, a push window, swiches between 1 and 4 player modes and interacts with advertising.