ALLPlay Platform

Built from the ground up to deliver a customizable experience, the ALLPlay platform meets the needs of the entire entertainment enterprise.

ALLPlay is a client server platform for delivering entertainment - games, television, advertising and more. The client creates a controlled, touch-enabled, multi-window playground for users. The server backend provides administration, customization and powerful tools for delivering content.

Powerfully multi-purpose

Easily integrate and deploy multiple sources of content on many different devices
End users can access captivating content.  Marketing professionals have the tools to communicate effectively.
Developers can access the ALLPlay platform to create powerful applications.
The ALLPlay client can run on touch tables, kiosks, tablets and touch walls. The client adapts to each device to deliver an experience appropriate for each devices. 

HTML Web Application

With Chromium as its base, the ALLPlay client give developers the latest toolsets and the peace of mind that applications will 'just work.'

Responsive Multi-Touch

Our client supports single and multi-touch operations. We've fine tuned our touch layer to perform on large format - up to 100" devices with up to 80 distinct points of touch.


Deliver marketing content along side of existing content without reengineering. Targeted and interactive, the ALLPlay advertising engine gives marketers access to decision makers within 3 feet of decision.

Companion Content

PUSH windows slide in from the sides to give access to applications such as music, drink ordering and special advertising content. 

Frictionless Publishing

We’ve eliminated one of the developers’ great challenges by creating a visually friendly environment with 4K, HD and 16:9 ratio on displays. HTML and Flash applications run seamlessly. 

Adaptive Management

Every device can carry its own configuration ­—from buttons, toolbars, push windows, mulitplayer windows to available games. The ALLPlay backend allows changes to made as needed any time of day.

Groups are more fun

ALLPlay adds a group dynamic to technology by allowing people to interact side-by-side. By creating up to four windows on a single screen, ALLPlays allows individuals access to their favorite games, television stations, educational activities, and more.


With a single touch, users can switch between different table configurations - single player to multi-player and back again.

Windows stay locked into the XGrid. The XGrid provides a structure for window layout and player position by balancing flexibility and control.

ALLPlay's simplicity is deceiving. By eliminating many of the difficult hurdles, marketers and content publishers can focus on what they do best without worrying about how to do it.